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Should You Avoid The Entertainment Agency & Book A Band Direct

First of all let me be very clear, it is possible to hire Black & Gold through a number of agencies, the reason we use agencies is to a) gain extra work for the band and b) create a larger foundation for being spotted as a potential band for your venue.

Therefore, why do we even suggest you should avoid the agency and book direct?  We are not saying avoid agencies all together, its a fact some agencies work better than others.  Some agencies care about you (the client) and some are just after your money (their commission) and that's all.

Talking direct to the band that you're considering hiring cuts out the middle man, you get to air your points across and if the band are half descent they will listen and advise and offer their opinions and advice too, based on their experiences of performing.  A good agency, will also act as a good mediator between you and the artists and also provide you with good advice, but a bad one will offer you the world, take your money and may not even consult the band.

We have had many bookings through agencies, and our experience in dealing with them tells us that, there are some really good communicators out there and some bad ones.  Cutting out the middle man and booking direct simply means you reduce the risk of being misinformed about the artist and their ability, because in truth noone knows the artist(s) better then the artist(s) themselves.  Our personal experience with Freak Music is excellent, and we could easily recommend them.

What is great about dealing with a band like ours, is we can try and accomadate your needs and your function needs, being able to advise from the starting point means we can communicate effectively with you and your chosen venue, yes I said your venue too.  As an example of this, I received a call only last week, from a couple looking for a band for their wedding, before any decisions have been made, I was able to speak to their venue management, provide details about our band and discuss the venue and its facilities, such as loading, power facilities, noise limitations, capacity, parking and much more.  This is all done prior to a decision being made by the couple to book the band.  Meaning, when they do make a final decision, it can be based on a little more factual information and the knowledge of being advised by a professional outfit, who cares as much about the client as they do their performances.

Entertainment agencies are businesses and yes they are there to make money, just some have morals, some don't.  We're not saying avoid them all together, we're simply saying there are plenty of bands out there, through the internet or other media that you can approach direct without a middleman.

I should add here, that with most agencies, if your band cancels, the agency has a responsibility to find a replacement band and most probably will.  In the case of our band, whilst we have never not performed a planned booking, we would always endevour to find a replacement band if something happened and we could not perform.  (We're pleased this has never happened yet!).

If you're looking for a Soul & Motown band and you want to discuss what we can offer, please give us a call, Colin can be reached on 07961 940976 and Dave can be reached on 07777 670106, or alternatively use the Online Form through this website.

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25/07/2016, 17:45
Once again, we will be entertaining the crowds at Chorley Town Hall on Saturday 24th September 2016, Tickets are avilable now at £10 + Booking Fee. Tickets
09/11/2015, 19:35
Another very good night last Friday at the lovely Grand in Clitheroe. What a place! Superb sound system, great stage, an we do it again..........soon?!?
06/10/2015, 15:50
Join Black & Gold for a Christmas Soul & Motown Night at Chorley Town Hall on 11th December 2015.   We will be performing a full set at the Town Hall, a venue that we have packed twice now and hope to repeat for the third time.   A NIGHT OF GUARANTEED ENTERTAINMENT, FROM THE NORTHWEST'S...


21/10/2015, 23:02
Getting a number of new tunes lined up and polished in readiness to be added to our set lists. The only problem is -  what do we leave out to make room for the new stuff. It's a real problem - we'd...
09/03/2014, 12:04
It’s great to see that we are getting many enquiries this year for corporate events & also weddings, which is good news as this is an area we specialise in. As we offer “extras” for both the corporate...
31/01/2014, 21:41
Well what can I say, I just couldn't resist, had to get myself some Black & Gold Guitar Picks.         You can get yours from  




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