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Boss GT8 Firmware Corruption

Slight Panic - although I have a spare unit (GT10)

Boss gt8Boss gt8

This is for the Boss GT8 users out there.  Last night I switched on my Boss GT8 and was attemting to create a new patch something I have not done for sometime, upon changing the dials and switches the display went completely haywire, in addition, the footswitch kept switching on and off at random.  Let me clear something up, over the past few weeks my unit has been doing some crazy things but has always been usable, just little oddities would occur, such as changing a patch and it would display the patch level before showing the patch name, or sometimes it would tell me the overdrive status or delay status, before the patch name was displayed, something the unit shouldn't do.  On accassion the pressure needed to apply the foot switch would change, so much so, that you would not need any pressure at all to make the switch activate, frustrating indeed.  I would increase the volume and the footswitch would automatically put the WAH on, not good in rehearsal or live gigs.

The solution I found was somewhat simple, although it took me a while to get to it and not without its consequences.  After backing up patched using midi and a PC, I tried several factory resets and it was no different, I even tried to run through the firmware notification and testing procedure, nothing changed.

Eventually I found the solution, I removed the back plate from the unit, took out the battery, checked all cables were secure, which they were, put back the battery and replaced the back plate.  I switched the unit on and the display was not as I had expected, it was completey unreadable when showing patch names, yet it showed correctly when pressing other functions.  I then followed with another factory reset and bingo, it worked.  Of course, i had lost my personal patches and it had been reset to factory default, but nonetheless it worked.  Now all I have to do is restore my patches from my backup, so if you have a GT8 that is misbehaving, try and reset it after removing the CR2032 battery.

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25/07/2016, 17:45
Once again, we will be entertaining the crowds at Chorley Town Hall on Saturday 24th September 2016, Tickets are avilable now at £10 + Booking Fee. Tickets
09/11/2015, 19:35
Another very good night last Friday at the lovely Grand in Clitheroe. What a place! Superb sound system, great stage, an we do it again..........soon?!?
06/10/2015, 15:50
Join Black & Gold for a Christmas Soul & Motown Night at Chorley Town Hall on 11th December 2015.   We will be performing a full set at the Town Hall, a venue that we have packed twice now and hope to repeat for the third time.   A NIGHT OF GUARANTEED ENTERTAINMENT, FROM THE NORTHWEST'S...


21/10/2015, 23:02
Getting a number of new tunes lined up and polished in readiness to be added to our set lists. The only problem is -  what do we leave out to make room for the new stuff. It's a real problem - we'd...
09/03/2014, 12:04
It’s great to see that we are getting many enquiries this year for corporate events & also weddings, which is good news as this is an area we specialise in. As we offer “extras” for both the corporate...
31/01/2014, 21:41
Well what can I say, I just couldn't resist, had to get myself some Black & Gold Guitar Picks.         You can get yours from  

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