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No. 1 Soul & Motown Band

David Parkes (Black & Gold Guitarist)

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Born in Liverpool, married to Angela for 12 years. Interested in playing the guitar from a very early age, when given my first guitar at the age of 4. Its only in the last fifteen years that I have developed as a guitarist as I have had more time to spend playing and more of an inclination to take my playing to the stage. This is the third band I have been involved with, the first (Probable Cause) having been around the club circuit for a number of years, the second (no name) only got as far as the home recording studio, but this last and biggest venture is definitely the most exciting and versatile band I have been involved with. I was also involved with a duo (Midnight) at the age of fifteen/sixteen and appeared on the same bill as The Houghton Weavers when they played the Tawd Vale High many, many years ago.

Influenced by various artists from the Beatles to David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, a big fan of Bryan Adams and rock music, although I've quite a varied taste in music and will happily listen to almost anything, EXCEPT JAZZ or RAP. Aspirations are to enjoy the rest of my life whatever may come, and hopefully do quite a few gigs along the way.

I am playing in this soul band, because its great working with a variety of musicians that can create a fuller sound, oh yeah! we are loud too. Its a real blast and due to the number of musicians in the band, it simply means we can have ago at many of the songs other bands cannot touch, which makes our band a little different.

I'm also responsible for the design and implementation of this website.  For comments relating to the website, use our contact form.

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David's Blogs

31/01/2014, 21:41
Well what can I say, I just couldn't resist, had to get myself some Black & Gold Guitar Picks.         You can get yours from  
23/12/2013, 14:56
Lugging around my Fender Hotrod Deville 212 for band practice is somewhat of a task, as the amp weighs in at 55lbs, so I was on the look out for something that had similar warm clean tones but much lighter.  I knew, what I wanted was a 1x12" speaker as this would instantly cut out the weight, as...
04/10/2013, 09:43
Slight Panic - although I have a spare unit (GT10) This is for the Boss GT8 users out there.  Last night I switched on my Boss GT8 and was attemting to create a new patch something I have not done for sometime, upon changing the dials and switches the display went completely haywire, in...
10/08/2013, 22:46
Well, i've finally made a decision and switch strings for acoustic guitars and moved on to Martin Strings to give them a try.  It's fair to say, first impressions are good, and I like the warm tones I'm getting from my acoustic guitars.  I'm trying out 11's on one guitar and 12's on another...
22/07/2013, 22:44
I've just completed another round of updates to the website, but this time its more to do with the back office and band members so we can share calendars and write blogs etc. So when we've got something to shout about, you'll see it here.




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